Rain Kindartz



Gender: Male
Age: 39
Height: 6ft 3in
Weight: 205 lbs
Build: Muscular
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Race: Half Elf (Human/Drow)
Class: Cleric
(As a half drow, Rain has darker skin than normal, but is not immediately distinguishable from any other half elf)

Ability Scores
Strength: 16
Constitution: 12
Dexterity: 8
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 20
Charisma: 15

AC 17
PD 13
MD 14
HP 24
Recoveries 8
Recovery Roll 1d8+1

Seeker of Arcane Secrets +5
Memories of Historical Events +4
Knowledge of Secret Forces Long Forgotten +2
Demonslayer +1

Icon Relationships
Archmage: -1 Negative
Crusader: +2 Positive

One Unique Thing
Possessed of vague memories of countless past lives, Rain is left with fleeting visions from his past, some with startling clarity, but never enough to connect the dots and fully remember the men and women he once was.

Domain: Lore +1

Racial Power
Cruel: Once per battle deal ongoing damage to a target you hit with a natural even number roll. The damage is equal to 5 plus your level. A normal save (11+) ends the damage. A critical hit does NOT double the ongoing damage.

Domain: Vengeance
Domain: Lore
Domain: Strength

Class Features
Ritual Magic
+2 Wisdom

Standard Traveling Gear
Half Plate Armor


Rain was born 37 years ago to a common man and woman in the small hamlet of Dale. Through his pious devotion to the Gods of Light and Order, he was able to overcome the fear and doubt that came of his visions and grew up to be a faithful follower of many Gods. Rain married his wife at the age of 25 and after several years of trying they were finally able to conceive a daughter, although Rain’s wife died in childbirth, despite Rain’s desperate attempts to save her.

Rain mourned the loss of his wife ever after. The only thing that saved him from falling into a pit of despair was the love he felt for his newborn daughter, Noah. The sheer light from her smiling face was enough to lift him out of his depression every time his thoughts strayed to his deceased wife. On her tenth birthday Noah was cursed by a traveling wizard, whose boots she accidentally muddied while frolicking through the city streets. Strange black runes began to appear all over her body that wracked her with pain and stopped short her breath. The markings would fade after a few hours, but no matter what healing arts Rain attempted, he could not cure her permanently.

Rain, terrified for his daughter’s well being, sold everything of value he owned, bought a cart and horses, and embarked on a journey to Santa Cora, to see the Priestess. Weeks later, Rain and Noah arrived and were granted an audience. The Priestess looked Noah over for a while, and finally told Rain that there was nothing she could do for his daughter, as the curse was beyond her power to heal. Rain was horrified, and felt betrayed by the gods. These supposedly omnipotent beings whom he’d worshipped all his life couldn’t even be bothered to spare a second to save the life of his only child, his only light in a dark world.

Rain decided to leave Noah in the care of the Priestess and her servants, despite his newfound misgivings, recognizing that there was likely no place more able to care for her in this world. After carefully managing to steal the Priestess’s seal, Rain made his way to Horizon and, displaying the Priestess’s seal, demanded an audience with the Archmage, hoping to find some leads on the wizard who’d cursed his daughter. The Archmage admitted that he knew of the man Rain described, but could not believe him capable of such a heinous act. Accusing Rain of slander, the Archmage had him thrown bodily from his abode. Enraged, Rain swore publicly that he would make the Archmage pay in kind, then stormed out of the city.

Desperate for any kind of help finding a cure for his daughter and feeling abandoned by his Gods, Rain cast aside his faith in the Gods of Light and Order and chose to embrace the darkness. Perhaps it was this that drew the Crusader to him. Why else would a powerful icon such as he be found in the tavern of a shitcan little village where Rain was staying as he attempted to drown his woes in ale. Upon recognizing the icon the villagers scattered, desperate not to fall under his undiscriminating gaze, until the only one remaining was Rain, staring back at the Crusader with an unflinching eye. This may, however, have been more an influence of the drink rather than any particular bravery on Rain’s part. The Crusader sat down at the bar and struck up a conversation with Rain. After a couple hours Rain finished telling the Crusader his story. The Crusader, who had been listening quietly the whole time, made Rain an offer. He knew the wizard Rain spoke of, the man was a powerful necromancer named Vincent Stryke who was on the rise in the dark magic circles. If Rain would swear to serve the Crusader as a demon slayer for the rest of his life after his daughter had been cured, the Crusader would grant Rain the power of his dark gods and help him to find Stryke and coerce him into curing his daughter. Desperate to save his daughter at any cost, Rain hastily agreed.

After making Rain swear a binding oath to himself, the Crusader told Rain to head to Vigil, as Vincent Stryke was more than likely involved.

Rain Kindartz

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